Is Your Cloud Storage Unlimited?

In 2015, Microsoft first introduced unlimited storage plans for OneDrive subscribers. Shortly after the introduction of this capability, business and personal users challenged the definition of unlimited. Reports point to a few users uploading as much as 75TB to the cloud service. This forced Redmond to pull the unlimited OneDrive option for all users. After receiving many complaints for pulling back the unlimited plan, in March 2016, Microsoft announced huge increases to OneDrive for Business storage limits under the Enterprise plans. These increases saw OneDrive storage go from 1TB to 5TB.  In early 2017, Microsoft went all in and again pushed the storage limits for OneDrive to unlimited for top tier Enterprise customers.

What is keeping Microsoft from pulling the feature again? Historically, Microsoft loves the Enterprise user and will ensure that the top tier Enterprise customers are the beneficiaries of any premium features the company offers. With unlimited storage only available to Office 365 customers with a minimum of five E3 licenses, Microsoft receives a minimum of $100/month for clients who want to take advantage of the ability. The comeback of the unlimited plan appears to take aim at Dropbox for Teams clients as the annual cost for the Teams solution is ~$1000, without Office software and all of the business tools found in Office 365.

Recently, we developed a solution to sync a number of graphic design files (10TB to be exact) for a client across three locations. Initially, the solution saw the sync running through a server located in the primary office. Bandwidth limitations and building maintenance exposed a single point of failure for the two remote locations as they relied on the central server to process changes. After reviewing possible solutions, leveraging the unlimited storage in Office 365 became the ideal choice. The unlimited storage enabled us to take advantage of a hybrid cloud solution which will vastly improve the client’s ability to move files between locations and improve access for remote users. The project is still in progress, but we have completed the upload of the initial 5TB and the second 5TB is making its way to the cloud as I type this post.  What does it look like when you have 10TB available in OneDrive…..

If you would like to hear more about hybrid storage solutions for your business or how the Office 365 platform can add value to your storage we would love to connect with you.