How Vulnerable is Your Business to Ransomware?

June 17, 2017 Security, Solutions

Ransomware has become the popular infection of 2017 and does not look like it is going to slow down anytime soon. This has triggered a lot of discussion with our clients about how to educate their staff, how the data is being backed up, and how the systems are being protected. These conversations have taken a more serious tone of over the last 90 days as a result of virus and other malware, namely ransomware. With hacking and malware on the rise the question becomes “How vulnerable is my business?”.  This question has made us rethink our approach to data protection, that includes backup and security solutions.

The security of our clients’ data is paramount and if your data is compromised, then you are at risk of losing days, weeks or even years of information, not to mention the cost of lost productivity if your employees cannot do their jobs.  We want to make sure your company is protected against Ransomware and any other security vulnerabilities that may be lurking out there. BITS L.A. has built Intelligent Security Bundles designed to protect against viruses already out there, as well as to prepare for the next attack that may be right around the corner. In designing this solution we had to look beyond basic antivirus and answer the questions “what is protection?”. In doing so we found that a single approach solution was not enough and the need to combine protection made the solution stronger. How did we improve our approach with the bundles? By focusing on the following areas:

  • Operating System Security
  • Cloud Managed Backups
  • Advanced Malware Tools
  • Custom Protection Policies
  • System Health Monitors

If you would like to learn more about our Intelligent Security Bundles or would like to schedule a review of your current security please contact our team to schedule a free review of your systems.