Apple and Microsoft – Why can’t they just get along? [UPDATED]

the latest and most advanced version of iOS, iOS 11, for the iPad and iPhone. iOS 11 Introduces a new interface design, a new Files app for easy access to DropBox and other file storage apps and a document scanning feature in Notes, among other great new features. However, the update can introduce compatibility issues, like the one discovered for, Office 365 and Exchange 2016 email account users.

Soon after the iOS 11 announcement, both Apple and Microsoft released statements regarding an incompatibility with the new iOS 11 and several of Microsoft’s email platform. Users may start seeing “Cannot Send Mail” and a notice that the message was rejected by the server. Unfortunately, there is no fix for this error and no timeframe for when a resolution may be available.

BITS L.A. is a proud supporter of both Apple and Microsoft, we are disappointed that this issue was not resolved prior to the launch. We are recommending that all clients wait on updating their iPhone and iPad to iOS 11 at this time. We see the fun and productive new features iOS 11 offers as an incentive to update, however these new features may come at the cost of your ability to email.

If you, like us, must have the latest and greatest features iOS 11 right away, there is hope. Microsoft and many users have confirmed    does not impact the ability to email form a device with iOS 11 installed. Please feel free to reach out to us for guided assistance on how to set up your emails on Outlook for iOS.


As of Tuesday September 26th Apple released an update to iOS, 11.0.1, which addresses the Exchange compatibility issue along with other minor bugs. Oversights like this is sometimes more common that one would think, they don’t always make headlines. The good news is that Apple was quick to address the issue. To read more about the fixes or the compatibility issue please refer to Apple Support article:  If you can‘t send an email with iOS 11 and an or Exchange mail account